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AuraPortal Cloud

AuraPortal is a platform that offers easy design and execution of ALL operating processes, no matter how complex they may be, without any additional programming requirements. It provides solutions for enterprises and organizations of any size; from corporations with millions of processes and/or users right through to small businesses.



AuraPortal can automatically control the operations of any organization from beginning to end, or just specific organizational areas. The kernel of AuraPortal is its Core BPM which contains three resident modules: 'Processes', 'Intranet/Extranet' and 'Document Management'. There are also four Optional Modules that may be purchased separately to enhance the application's scope, namely, 'Business Rules', 'WIP (Wide Interaction Platform)', 'Content Management' and 'Online Commerce'. The structure of AuraPortal products is represented in the following image.



Modules Interdependency

These modules, both resident and optional, interact with each other in such a way that the presence of some modules is required for the operations of others.

The Core BPM must always be present. The Business Rules module is independent and its presence is not required for operating with other modules. However, the WIP (Wide Interaction Platform) module is requiered for the use of the Content Management module and this one must be present for using the Online Commerce.




In addition to the modules, AuraPortal also offers the following optional Complements which can be purchased separately:

  • Multi-Language
  • WIP Extension
  • Integrated copy for testing purposes
  • Three synchronized environments (Development, Testing and Production)

Core BPM (Business Process Management, Workflow Software and Document Management System).

Core BPM is the kernel of AuraPortal. It contains three resident modules:
  • The first, Processes, controls the BPM (Business Process Management).
  • The second, Intranet / Extranet, manages the communication between employees, and also between customers, suppliers and other external agents, via an extremely powerful workflow system.
  • The third, Document Management, manages all the entity’s documents (texts, images, videos, etc.), in a fully integrated and global manner. This document handling can be conducted concurrently with two systems: Microsoft SharePoint which is incorporated in the application, and AuraPortal File System which is a system designed by AuraPortal and the most recommended option, especially if better performance with large volumes (millions) of documents is required.
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Intranet / Extranet
Document Management
Optional Modules
The Optional Modules are extremely powerful, their main interest being the synergy they generate in conjunction with the Core BPM processes.

The presence of these modules linked to its outstanding and unique BPM process system, converts AuraPortal into the widest and most powerful software platform for controlling an organization's operations no matter their kind and complexity.

The synergy generated when combining Business Rules with BPM processes offers a great enhancement of the enterprise's operating capabilities in the broadest sense.

The Content Management and Online Commerce modules give the natural ground for broadcasting information via newsletters, newspapers or magazines and also for constructing and managing the company's website as the online platform for displaying and selling products and services, in total integration with the organization's databases without the need for programming or technical assistance. These activities are rapidly gaining importance and are becoming a must for organizations to achieve full success.

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Business Rules
WIP (Wide Interaction Platform)
Content Management
Online Commerce
In addition to the Core BPM and Optional Modules, AuraPortal also offers some optional Complements, which are designed to address specific needs related to the processes.
  • Multi-Language

This makes it possible to work in different languages simultaneously, allowing each user to choose the language they prefer to work with. The system presents the complete application in all the chosen languages, simultaneously and concurrently.

  • WIP Extension

The WIP Extension increases the functionality of the WIP Platform, which gives people external to the organization the possibility to participate in the processes if and when required. This complement provides the workflow between External and Guest Users, as well as new security elements, amongst other features.

  • Full Copy for Testing Purposes

Through this complement, tests can be carried out on an installation identical to the original, but with the security that no data will be altered, nor will modifications be made to the configuration of the installation that is in production with real data.

  • Three Synchronized Environments (Development, Testing and Production)

This complement allows organizations to create new classes of process, or modify existing ones, on independent, physically separate installations. In other words, the changes in design and class of process testing are performed on different and independent installations from the one that contains the real data and the changes are exported synchronously to the production environment. 

WIP Extension
Full Copy for Testing Purposes
Three Environments
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Customer Comments

"The procedure of managing requests for development is being successfully implemented with AuraPortal."
"We selected AuraPortal because of its value for money, no programming effort and versatility to deliver general and specific solutions."
"The capabilities offered by AuraPortal BPMS present advantages in implementation times and process modification, leading to operating efficiency."
"AuraPortal ensures continuous improvement of processes and quickly adapts to changes in government."
"GEA-TOYOTA, based on the AuraPortal BPMS, makes it possible to centralize work and maintain the same criteria for all dealers."
"With AuraPortal we have managed to avoid nonconformities and the disruption of the processes, and we now have much greater agility in decision-making.”
"AuraPortal allows us to agilely implement and maintain our processes, avoiding expensive tailor-made applications that can be difficult to work with."
"One of the main reasons why we use AuraPortal is the speed to build up solutions and ease to integrate with other systems."
"AuraPortal BPMS is excellent and very flexible. The ability to make immediate changes, test them and implement them is a big plus."
"Our experience with AuraPortal has been very satisfactory, both in the scope of the project as well as in the time invested. The challenge now is to expand its use across all levels."
"We spent a long time looking for the best solution to automate and optimize our processes. We found it in AuraPortal and I'm extremely impressed."
"We've been using AuraPortal BPMS since 2009 to our entire satisfaction and the service has always been excellent."
"The lack of programming, integrated business rules and ease to change processes on the fly were some of the reasons why we chose AuraPortal."
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